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Be an Eco-friendly musician that changes the world with their music

Use your your music to create an impact on the planet and discover a community of like-minded fans

It’s difficult to break through the current market with a high volume of releases each day

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  • Their fanbase isn’t big enough to create an impact on the environment by using their music.
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  • Get introduced to a new and growing fan base of thousands of listeners.
  • Let the power of streaming push your music up on streaming platform charts.
  • Our climate is close to collapsing.
  • The music industry should fully immerse themselves to actively participate in making a difference.
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  • Our goal will make it possible to put 20 million USDollar into the environment each year.
  • The entire music industry from the production to touring can be green.
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  • Easy solutions for the planet are not always accessible to everyone.
  • Sustainability can restrict your lifestyle and be expensive.
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  • Millions of people can now help the environment simply by sustainably streaming music.
  • Sustainability should be easily incorporated in your lifestyle.

Why join a green initiative for musicians?

Being a proud eco-friendly musician through our platform will help your growth, your career and the environment. Here’s how:

The potential of Stream by Stream

We started in July 2021 and by keeping our growth rate of more than 25% we will reach 1 million users by the end of 2023. With this huge community we can significantly create an impact on the environment. On top of what you see, we’re currently working on expanding the available causes. Artists, over time, will be able to choose to donate into what’s more relevant to them personally.
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What's in it for you, the artist?

You will grow as we grow, in your fanbase and network. Increase your royalties, visibility on streaming platforms and boost your career. You can show your audience that you’re an eco-friendly musician actively caring for the environment. Enjoy the growing network of Stream by Stream artists to collab with.

How we support artists

We're driven to help eco-friendly musicians succeed while giving back to the environment. We have three pillars to achieve this.

Reach |  Network  | Environmentalism

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Instantly boost your visibility by connecting to our growing community of listeners. They're eco-friendly fans who are all about supporting artists like you.

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Connect with others in the music industry working towards to the same sustainable goal. Together we can realize the dream of making our world a better place with music.

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Making sustainable music as an independent artist is possible. Together we can ensure the music we create helps heal the environment, not hurt it. Together our impact is multiplied.

Join our community and go green with us!

There's an option for everyone. Check what suits you below.
Description of our "Evergreen" programDescription of our "Mangrove" programDescription of our "Pinetree" program
Beschreibung unsers "Evergreen" ProgrammsBeschreibung unseres "Mangrove" ProgrammsBeschreibung unseres "Pinetree" Programms

Love from  Musicians

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I don't exist and can't say anything.
Better is better than nothing. Go for.
Lot 49
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Never run for the stars
I could double my monthly followers within only 6 weeks. Most important was that I brought in my fans and that I made a lot of marketing for the idea.
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I never would like to leave this network
It's so great. Better is not posssible
Citrus Hues
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This is the best thing ever has been created
If it wouldn't exist, we should have to invent it. Keep on going folks. Your are on the right track. Thanks

Join now and become an eco-friendly musician

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