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Our story

stream by stream is the idea of two musicians who have a band together called "Citrus Hues". They wanted to easily create a positive impact on the environment with their music. Streaming makes it possible for anyone to be involved worldwide. Only using part of their income from streaming their music the impact to help the environment wasn’t big enough. So, they decided to make it possible for all artists to participate and do the same. Together we can build a community of music fans and artists and as a platform push this sustainable initiative in the music industry. The first idea started nearly 2 years ago but from July 2023 on we are an official company. As an early stage start-up we welcome all help/mentorship anyone with relevant knowledge would like to give us to improve our services. Feel free to contact us.
Currently, as of june 2023 we have over 150k fans involved and have won competitions with our idea and pilot project. Our most recent award was that Easnadh Reddington, one of our founders, came in 2nd for the award known as `young entrepreneur of the year 2023`. This was awarded by Music Ally and Universal Music Group’s digital innovation team.


Transparency is very important to us which is why we report every month on our main social channel `Instagram` with all the info with what happened that month. You will see per individual artist what they raised, what their impact was and how many trees will be planted because of the community streaming their music. Here we also introduce artists to the community. If you want to know which artist is joining before we publicly announce it: sign up to our newsletter.


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Easnadh Reddington
Curation, Marketing & Sales
I’m passionate about creating equal chances for artists to better the world with their music regardless of their size, location or gender
Timon Spoerndli
Design, Curation & Content
Music for me stands for change and this is why I’m here. I want to get all of us around the globe together to create something nobody thought was possible.
Eric Spoerndli
Administration & Finances
It's an honor to support these pioneering artists giving back to nature
Team coach & mice hunter
Meow meow meow. Meooooow.

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