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Pinetree artists support the environment with all the streaming income generated through the stream by stream playlists.
Born in a fluorescent paint explosion, KAYKO (old name: YOUR BEST FRIEND'S FAVORITE BAND) is here to inspire joy- even when the song is sad. By combining the sonic palette of alternative rock, the rawness of a thoughtful songwriter, and the vocal fusion of the best pop-rock groups, KAYKO performs foot tapping, hip shaking songs that will get you partying with that warm nostalgic feeling you never knew you craved. CRASH & BURN is an energectic pop bop that describes that feeling of invincibility you get when you're young. Do you remember a time when you snuck out of your parents' house to underage drink at the beach with all of your reckless friends? This song is that. KAYKO loves music a lot, but it's only a platform. The belief is that we live to make the world a better place for those we love and those to come. KAYKO is a message of kindness, empathy and joy. The ultimate desire is to make you smile. So enjoy & have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE ;)
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