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How it works

Find out how it works and what our mission is

Our mission

Do you believe music can change the world? At stream by stream, we definitely do. We believe music has the power to help the environment, now and for future generations. That's why our mission is to make creating a greener and cleaner future as easy as clicking play.

We leverage the power and popularity of streaming platforms to redirect funds from the music industry to impact projects that help the environment. Participating is as easy as clicking play. Open one of stream by stream's playlists on your favourite streaming platform and listen.
How stream by stream works

How it works

  1. At stream by stream everything is built on a community of fans and artists that want to create a change by streaming music together.
  2. We let fans know about participating musicians through our website, social media and our playlists .
  3. Fans listen to the songs of these artists through our playlists or directly through their profile.
  4. For every song heard, the streaming platforms pay out the generated royalties to artists.
  5. The participating artists forward these funds to stream by stream.
  6. To maintain and further build our community we take a very small cut. 
  7. All the other funds are directly sent to impact projects to help the environment

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These are the Sustainable Development Goals we support

Unesco SDGSDG 13 Climate action SDG GoalSDG 15 Life on Land SDG Goal
In the future we will be helping more sustainable development goals as we expand to projects beyond reforestation projects and into ocean projects and humanitarian projects etc.
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