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Rebel Control 🇬🇧

United Kingdom

Pinetree Artist

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Pinetree artists support the environment with all the streaming income generated through the stream by stream playlists.
"Rebel Control evolved from the reggae jams hosted by vocalist Andy Baron and musician/ producer Richie Concrete in a disused shop in London back in 2008. which attracted a stellar crew of UK based reggae musicians. They took a band out live and played the biggest and best UK festivals from Boomtown to Bestival, performed in Italy, Poland and Montenegro, and supported a myriad of acts including reggae heavyweights Luciano, Mad Professor, Easy All Stars etc and regularly performed for causes such as Love Music Hate Racism and Black History Month. After a bit of a break the band are back with a number of releases planned and they will back on the road playing live again in 2024. Stay tuned ! "
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