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Citrus Hues 🇨🇭🇮🇪

Swiss / Irish

Pinetree Artist

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Pinetree artists support the environment with all the streaming income generated through the stream by stream playlists.
Our almost child-like passion to explore the for us unknown places and cultures of this world is what brought us - Dutch-Irish raised singer and songwriter Easnadh and Swiss-Namibian raised producer and multi-instrumentalist Timon - together. We believe that this so-called 'home' is something that everyone of us needs to find themselves over their life’s journey - we aren’t tied to the culture and place we have been born into. Let’s get together, build this community and share our love for this planet and it’s wonderful people. We are here to tell our story and join you on yours. Combining African, Afro-Caribbean and Western Pop music is our way of celebrating our worlds cultural heritage.
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