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Pepita Grylla 🇬🇭


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"Pepita Grylla is an independent artist from Gran Canaria, currently based in Ghana (since 2016). She writes, composes, records, mixes and masters. Started singing at the age of 8, in a choir, and performed in the main theaters of the island. Also from twelve to eighteen used to sing everyday in the public buses of the island together with her brother. After some time decided to move to Ghana where started to explore other ways of working and growing as an artist, putting her first recorded songs out under the alias Bablagh (old alias) and doing some collabs. In 2020 she changed her alias to 'Pepita Grylla' that means female version of Jiminy Cricket (Pepito Grillo) in Spanish. Prefers to use her mother tongue, Spanish, but doesn't stick to any genre. Probably because of the many and diverse influences that had had. Loves fusions and experimenting with music and visuals."
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