Logo of OneTreePlanted, an non profit organization to plant trees.

We plant with our partner OneTreePlanted

First Goal

10,000 Tress Planted in January


5,000 Tress Planted in Feberuary


7,000 Tress Planted in March


12.000 Tress Planted in April


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1000 streams equals 1US$ for reforestation
100 followers plant 1 tree
help us realise this reforestation project

The bigger we can grow this community together, the more our playlists and artists will be heard, which leads to generating more finances to put into the reforestation of our planet. 

Help us share the word about this project and if you feel like it, leave a little donation on your way. You decide if you prefer to help directly planting trees, or if you prefer to help growing the stream by stream community.

Support us either way, because every donation helps. Thank you so much. 

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